Lucy Rogers is a deaf freelance illustrator based in the UK. Before graduating with a degree in BA Hons Illustration at Falmouth University, Lucy was shortlisted for the Penguin Student Design Award of 2019 for her book cover of Wonder.

Since graduating, Lucy has been busy on picture books, book covers, book layout design and illustrations for design packaging. She has also been a host for a series of illustration workshops for young deaf people. Lucy has illustrated some picture books such as The Quest for the Cockle Implant (published by National Deaf Children’s Society), Rules for a Platypus (publishing in 2022 by Benchmark Education), and Adventures with Hank and Louie: The Christmas Witch (publishing in 2021 by Salus Publishing), as well as illustrating an early readers book The Night the Moon Went Out with a book cover and black and white illustrations (publishing August 2021 by Bloomsbury).

Being able to illustrate beautiful, witty, heartfelt stories that inspire joy in children is Lucy’s ultimate dream as an illustrator. She aims to make her readers smile and feel confident in who they are by making them not feel alone with the characters she draws to life in her stories.

As an aspiring author, Lucy who seeks positive change through her stories and illustrations by inspiring young deaf people and many other unrepresented children in the publishing industry.

Lucy's Illustrations:

Jenn lives in Ontario, Canada with her three kids, two dogs, and husband. She spent more than seven years as a production editor and now works as an associate agent and a freelance editor. In her spare time, she can be found reading, writing, and still cheering for her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

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