Jenn is now open to picture books and chapter books. She is also open to considering author-illustrators and illustrators.

Updated April 2021

I am currently building a diverse list of authors and illustrators. I represent picture books, chapter books, middle grade, young adult, and adult genre fiction. No matter the genre or age group, I am looking for books that make feel (whether it’s laugh or cry or both!), distinctive voices, and character-driven stories that revolve around tough issues.

Picture Book:

I am looking for heartfelt, funny, whimsical picture books that can revolve around big kid issues such as grief, bullying, bein g different, friends, etc. I especially love clever or new concepts or fresh twists on classics and STEAM concepts in a contemporary or fantasy world.

Middle Grade:

I am looking for high concept MG with a great hook. While I love adventurous, smart, out-of-the-box characters with schemes, friends, family, living and processing through a life crisis, I am also drawn to quiet characters and quiet topics like a first crush. Send me books on friend breakups, frenemies, or enemies. I love to laugh and cry while I fall in love the characters.


  • Contemporary
  • Paranormal/Fantasy – ghosts, witches, fresh mythology, superheroes
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Graphic novel

Young Adult:

I am looking for unique concepts or a fresh twist on classic tropes or tales. High concept YA with a strong hook. 


  • Feel-good contemporaries or contemporaries that represent real world issues
  • Contemporary romance (love tropes!)
  • Paranormal or fantasy with strong world building. I especially love mythologies that haven’t been explored. Give me a twist on ghosts, witches, vamps, shifters, or superheroes.
  • Snort-worthy romantic comedy
  • Mystery
  • Horror – prefer scary versus bloody
  • Graphic novel

Adult Fiction:

I am looking for out-of-the-ordinary plots with engaging and realistic characters trying to navigate the adult world.


  • Romance with a fresh twist on trope-driven plots. Sweet to spicy. 
  • I am open to contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy romance.
  • Gut-busting RomCom
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Fresh cozy mysteries (think outside-the-box amateur sleuths)
  • Graphic novel

Currently, I am not a good fit for:


  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Murder mystery
  • Political
  • High fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Adult horror
  • Historical
  • Nonfiction

To query me for agent representation please include a query letter, synopsis, and the first 5 pages of your manuscript. 

*Please note that if you’ve purchased an editorial package from Fresh Look Editorial, it acts as an agreement that the writer is prohibited from submitting the edited material to Jennifer Herrington when querying the Harvey Klinger Literary Agent. The writer is free to submit to any other agent at Harvey Klinger Inc.

Jenn lives in Ontario, Canada with her three kids, two dogs, and husband. She spent more than seven years as a production editor and now works as an associate agent and a freelance editor. In her spare time, she can be found reading, writing, and still cheering for her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

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